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Annual Service

How often should I get my heat pump / ventilation system serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your systems serviced on an annual basis; at minimum. Routinely, however, it is advised to check / clean associated filters [up to] every 3 months.

What is the benefit of having an annual service on my heat pump / ventilation system?

The main purpose of undertaking a regular check on your heating / ventilation system, is ultimately for the benefit of early identification of any defective issues and ensuring the efficiency of the system is optimised. Preventative maintenance can be key in enhancing the longevity of unit life and reduce the possibility of breakdown which can be costly.

Many manufacturers also include a clause or condition as part of warranties offered, that state it to be mandatory to have a yearly service, completed by an accredited company / engineer in order to maintain the integrity of the warranty.

What types of checks do Berkshire Hampshire Heatpumps Ltd complete on an annual service?

This may include, but is not limited to, replacing / cleaning of filters, testing the operation of accessible valves / pumps, reviewing active or recent alarm logs, a safety inspection of associated electrics, leak detection [water and refrigerant] along with calibrating and making adjustments to the unit as necessary, to optimise performance and efficiency.

We will also visually inspect any associated heating controls, such as underfloor heating. However, if you wish for a more in depth check on these, a separate charge may apply and should be discussed prior to arranging an appointment so that sufficient time can be allowed for our visit.

Once completed, we’ll provide you with a record of the checks made and advise if any recommendations are to be made for any faults found. If remedial work is advised and parts are required, which must be ordered in – we’ll provide you a formal quotation of the known costs in the days following our initial visit, which would require your authorisation to proceed. If our engineers, have the time and parts on their vehicles, they can complete these there and then for your convenience.

If you are happy for us to remind you annually, thereafter, we are more than happy to take this on for you and provide adequate notice of when your next service is due.

How much would a service cost on my heat pump / ventilation system?

An annual service visit includes [up to] our first hour on site and the replacement** of filters, where necessary, unless otherwise specified. Prices below are per unit [excl. VAT].

Heat Recovery Units – from £165.00
Domestic MVHR [ventilation] systems** – from £145.00
Air Source Units – from £185.00
Ground Source Units – from £250.00
Swimming Pool Units – from £145.00

**Filters not included in service price and are subject to separate charge if required.

If you are unsure what type of unit you have at your home, we have a brief table below with some makes / models displayed or alternatively you can get in touch, and we’ll help you establish the associated cost.

annual service

Please note that where customers have more than one unit, but these operate in a master/slave manner, service prices are available upon request.

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