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Residential Maintenance

We can provide on-going maintenance, repair or annual servicing for your Heat Pump or Ventilation System.

As with any machine, regular upkeep is advised to ensure the correct and efficient operation of the system and help reduce the risk of breakdown. Most heat pumps, heat recovery units and mechanical ventilation (MVHR) systems require one annual service to maintain optimal operation.

During a service visit, we will conduct a general inspection of the unit and an overview of any connected heating controls on the system. (Including underfloor heating, radiators and thermostats).

Reasons for and Benefits of an Annual Service

  • To help keep the unit in good working order, optimising efficiency and assisting with keeping your energy costs as low as possible
  • A reduced possibility / earlier detection of breakdown or failure
  • To try and enhance reliability and the longevity of unit life
  • Documented record of the checks made
  • If your system is under manufacturer warranty, an annual service may be part of the terms and conditions to retain a valid warranty
  • For safety: It can be a legal requirement for landlords to arrange an annual inspection of the heating system

Discounted Rates for Multiple units

We understand that costs are important to our customers. That’s why we are happy to offer discounted rates on our service fees for same day appointments; for neighbouring properties / properties on the same development.

If you would like further information about this; please contact us for a personalised quote.

Please Note – Our Conditions of Discounted Rates offered:

We will offer morning or afternoon time slots within our usual working hours of 9:00am – 16:00pm [Monday to Friday]. All time slots given, are estimated, and may be dependent on traffic or previous appointment delays. Nevertheless, we will endeavour to accommodate client requests wherever possible but cannot make guarantees.

If we are unable to gain access to properties, via no answer at the door and are unable to contact you by phone / email within 20 minutes of our arrival – we reserve the right to still charge for our attendance.

The discount offered, is only applicable to the service fee cost and will not be applied to any parts accepted to be used on the day.

All appointments are to be offered and accepted in writing. Acceptance of an appointment also means acceptance to these conditions.

Contact Us

If you have a query relating to your heatpump, or need an emergency service, please get in touch with us using the details below:

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